In grade school, whenever a project involved creative writing, you can bet I was the first student to turn it in! Originally from South Florida, I graduated with a BFA degree in Music Theater from Elon University, NC. When I wasn’t on stage, I’d secretly bury myself in romantic stories, watch oodles of period films and obsess over the fictional characters.

After performing professionally in various states and traveling the world on a cruise ship, I made the “big move” to NYC. Thanks to a birthday gag-gift from a friend, I was exposed my first historical romance novel. I was hooked. Shortly after, I started writing them. The rest, as they say, is history!

I currently live in Southern California with three amazing boys: my wonderful, supportive fiancé and our two adorable pups. I love animals, silhouettes, everything Disney, drawing, crafting, quoting 90’s movies (and annoying everyone around me) and of course, singing. Seeing the characters in my head come to life is a dream come true!

Oh yes, and if I could have an entire bookshelf filled with nothing but Victorian porcelain figurines, I’d be one happy lady!


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